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Ensure All Your Clients Have Access to Your Store or Building

  • RETAILERS – Don’t turn customers away. Ensure all your potential and loyal customers have full access to your store.
  • APARTMENT OWNERS – Make your building more attractive. Give everyone the opportunity to live in your building with easy access for seniors, people with disabilities, and all tenants coming in and out of the building. This ensures they don’t need to put down their belongings or children, find their keys and open the door. Make it convenient for everyone entering your building.

Commercial and Industrial Automatic Doors in Burlington, Hamilton and Waterdown

An automatic door system is a great way to make your commercial or industrial building more efficient and to cut down on labour time. Pre-existing automatic door openers can be customized and set up to meet your specific needs. At The Lock Hut in Hamilton and the GTA, not only do we service these systems, our experienced technicians can help with the technical side of updating and changing them as your needs change.


Contact us to learn more about automated door systems.


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