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Secure Access for Businesses in Burlington, Hamilton and Waterdown

Make your building more secure by keeping track of who can enter your buildings and restricting the times in which they can enter, while you have 24/7 hour access. The Fob readers are programmable for each individual user and cannot be reproduced in any way.


Looking for a complete access control system? Whether your system needs are for 2 doors or 2,000, at The Lock Hut we’ve got a solution that’s right for you. Convenient electronic access control systems offer many different programming methods and ways for you to stay secure and in control. We install, maintain, and repair these systems for commercial and industrial clients throughout Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown and the GTA.


Contact our technicians to learn more about electronic access control systems.


Find the Right Electronic Security System for Your Needs Today

You can’t be at your business every moment of every day, so you need to be sure that only your trusted co-workers and employees have access to your property. The team from The Lock Hut in Hamilton, Burlington and Waterdown can install an electronic security system complete with key card and FOB access. Only people with the correct key cards and FOBs will be able to enter your commercial and industrial facilities.


Call us today to learn more about key cards and FOB readers.

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